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How to Rebuild the Small-Block Ford by George Reid download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Look to mass engine

Sometimes, we stumble upon an engine like this one, with no idea of its condition internally. Heat went to work on the rear of the right bank of cylinders, resulting in eventual failure. Because our engine experienced a really sloppy mass-production-style rebuild at some time in its past, it was not properly machined and assembled, which led to the failure. If you try to save a few bucks, you could wind up spending a fortune later when the darned thing blows up. He started by shorting each of the spark plugs out one at a time.

Scuffed cylinder walls indicate oil starvation issues and high operating temperatures. Since the owner, Jeff Fischbach, wants this engine to be kept original, he has elected to go with a factory cast-iron four-barrel intake manifold with carburetor. You have to be prepared to spend wisely and go after the best bang for the buck.

The engine had failed coming off of a Los Angeles freeway. In any case, it all contributed to engine failure. The quarter-mile times you are seeking are directly proportional to what you have to spend. Your goal with a mild street engine is to make it as reliable as you can make it while pumping up the power a bit.

Engine building projects begin

We would quickly learn we needed a block, new valves and guides, and more. If we get both head gaskets backwards, overheating will become apparent immediately. We have seen hydro-locked engines in which the cylinder wall failed right along with the piston and rod, causing coolant to flood the oil pan. You have to think of a racing engine like you would an aircraft engine.

Engine building projects begin all sorts of ways. Look to mass engine builders and parts houses for castings. With a larger bore, we drive compression higher by increasing the volume we squeeze into the existing combustion chamber. Engine building projects are best started with hand-picked castings and forgings. Without the steel backing plate, coolant was never properly channeled through the pump and the water jackets, making a hot-spot situation even worse.

In this case, the water pump impeller contacted the timing cover due to the missing plate. We can improve its performance without adversely. It sounds so good during a boast fest with your buddies. Engine Disassembly One of the most fascinating parts of an engine rebuild is the teardown. We are all guilty of bench-racing ego, and many of us build way more engine than we actually need.