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One lifted his hand to us and shook his head. We were pummeled with suicide car bombs. As Iraq celebrates a victory in Mosul, I think of scenes like this one.

Combat, for me at least, has always seemed like a terrifying and lonely place. They kept screaming, almost hysterically, that their parents were still under the rubble. It's especially important because Mrs. The flow of civilians passed by as smoke from the fighting rose behind them. At the end I entered this half-finished building in the eastern side with a commander to inspect it.

Combat for me at leastThey kept screaming almost hysterically

The soldiers fired their guns in the air to try to slow the residents down, shouting at them. The way the suspects were being treated was abnormal.

There, while covering a battle between Federal Police and Islamic State militants, I passed the soldier in this photograph. The men had walked a long way.

Overwhelmed with the number of journalists in-country, and with a new project off to a bumpy start, I thought of another way I could be useful. Mohamed carried the tiny body of his two-month-old daughter wrapped in bloodied linen. For days or weeks at a time, as Iraqi forces aided by a U.