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They have often fixed problems late at night. Educate and inform investors We believe an essential component to investor protection is investor education. If brokers break the rules, we can fine, suspend or bar them from the industry. They recently upgraded our systems and spent a considerable amount of time talking me through the process so we lost a minimal amount of working time before and after the migration.

Educate and inform investors We

We also work behind the scenes to detect and fight fraud. The guys are knowledgeable about our network and do go the extra mile to make sure all is working and we are happy. Tracking is also used to prevent fraud.

And by asking just four questions, our Scam Meter can help investors assess whether an investment opportunity is too good to be true. Using a variety of data gathering techniques, we work to detect insider trading and any strategies firms or individuals use to gain an unfair advantage. The broker-dealer bought and sold corporate bonds from other broker-dealers to sell to its retail customers, charging them markups on the bonds.

They explain problems in a professional yet simple form, so you understand the issues yourself. We have found them to be very trustworthy, reliable, friendly and good value for money. Detect and prevent wrongdoing in the U. The system is straightforward and allows any of us to work from home easily with none of the remote connection issues we were having for years previously.

We only work on recommendation and word of mouth.

We provide investors with tools and resources that can help them make wise financial decisions. Our Risk Meter allows investors to determine if they share characteristics and behavior traits that have been shown to make some investors vulnerable to investment fraud. We conduct routine examinations, as well as inquiries based on investor complaints and suspicious activity. Users Supported Our Clients We work with businesses in many different sectors.

They have often fixed

They always solve our problems quickly, whether big or small. The support guys are lovely to work with and very knowledgeable. Offering great value and advice with many money saving applications, so important in this day and age. The firm also bought bonds from its retail customers and sold them to other broker-dealers, charging the customers markdowns.