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Your email address will not be published. Edge of Reality developed the console versions while Amaze Entertainment developed the handheld version of the game. Madman escapes at the middle of the fight, leaving Half-life to battle Hulk alone. Seeing that he is the only one who can stop him, Bruce Banner jumping from the helicopter and transforms into the Hulk to fight Abomination.

After defeating some contaminated Enclave soldiers, Hulk returns to those areas to get rid of energy absorption machines. Crawford touches the Orb and absorbs a part of Bruce Banner's power transforming himself into a Hulk-like creature called Ravage. Although the genes deleted Hulk, General Ross and his army arrive reassuring Bruce and they bring him and Betty while General Ross called Samuel to his cause.

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After beating Half-Life, the Hulk finally confronts the Leader. Hulk joins the fight and defeat Talbot.

Unfortunately, military troops led by the corrupt General John Ryker have raided the lab. Hulk defeats Half-Life who explains that Ravage has taken the orb to Alcatraz but will kill a hostage there if the Hulk is detected. He only gets to slink around, avoiding guards and solving simple puzzles meant to evoke computer hacking. You have entered an incorrect email address!

After an attack on a military base, during which forces fire on Talbot Press and Hulk, Talbot hides while Rick Jones follows his helicopter. After the robots are destroyed, Hulk eliminates chemical bombs throwing them in saltwater. The Hulk takes Betty to the base, but is incapacitated by a force field.

Hulk gets and gives it to Rick so you can destroy it. When a soldier reports that overcame Banner, General Ross says do not need your help. Major Glenn Talbot then sends the army to defeat Hulk. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. For all that The Hulk misses on, the game gets enough of it right to tip the scales in its favor.

Hulk Overview

Hulk manages to defeat him and escapes with Betty. Ravage is defeated and returns to the form of Dr.

The Incredible Hulk

After the failure of Vulcan Leader, Enclave leaders concluded that the Army can do the job of eliminating Hulk for them. After arriving in the city, facing Hulk and saves the life of Rick Jones a teenager abducted by soldiers working for an organization called the Enclave. Crawford trying and failing to create another Gamma Orb, General Ryker experimenting on Flux, and Bruce Banner walking alongside a highway attempting to hitch a ride home. Hulk fighting the Enclave soldiers protected by the device for the data and draw reinforcements Enclave soldiers to the shield around the building falls and Rick can sneak. When the Hulkbuster armor is about to explode, the Hulk into the air where it explodes.

The Incredible Hulk PC Game Free Download

Hulk then goes to destroy the generators earthquake on buildings to stop earthquakes. Crawford, Bruce allows his old mentor to use the Gamma Orb on him, but Crawford uses it to steal the Hulk's energy. Hulk manages to destroy the source and defeat Emil Blonsky. When he is successful in building, fractal photoshop action Samuel Sterns concluded that the cure works.

After a chase of Ravage over rooftops and through sewers with Ryker's forces in hot pursuit, Hulk finds himself at a dead end where he is ambushed by the vampire Half-Life. Hulk then destroy the building to prevent exploits. The Enclave plan to use the computer to boost its mutants troops. When the Enclave tracks the device to the building in which the data has Rick Jones, the Hulk defends the building to get Rick some time to come. As Hulk battles the Enclave soldiers, Rick successfully infiltrates the building and starts something to its output.

Emil Blonsky and General Ross gets handles special treatment for Emil. Upon awakening, Bruce Banner is contacted by his old mentor Dr.

Samuel Sterns tells Hulk that the Enclave has used a biological weapon in a building and Hulk takes the device there hoping that Samuel Stern can use to heal the place. Samuel Sterns has completed the device will cure Bruce Banner Hulk with the possibility that he would kill him. Samuel Sterns tells Hulk that can test your device if Hulk can get a genetic simulator Enclave. Betty tells her father expected to be worth it. Upon receiving the news that the Enclave is putting another antenna control in Time Square, Hulk goes there and fighting the Enclave soldiers under the control of Bi-Beast.

The Incredible Hulk Free Download Full Version PC Game

Rick finds the stolen device and sends Hulk to that location. Hulk then takes the fight to Major Glenn Talbot, attracting news helicopters.

The Hulk Review For all that The Hulk misses on, the game gets enough of it right to tip the scales in its favor. Betty tells the Hulk that she has been exposed to the Gamma radiation and must be taken to the military Gamma base. He escaped from the factory after battling Emil Blonsky and his troops. Hulk then fighting the Enclave soldiers to prevent them from technology Hulkbuster built by Stark Industries. Please enter your name here.

The Incredible Hulk PC Game Free Download ( MB)