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Human Frailties by Ronald J. Burke download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Yes he lovedPossess Tor body during a leythestorm

Ash was such as ass for a long part of this book, that I barely had time to start accepting that he might be ok guy before it ended. This is a free first part of a longer novel Human Frailties, Human Strengths which I plan to read soon. Everything start with a god, Ashnavayarian, aka Ash, in exile. It's not on Earth, it's a sort of parallel reality, think as another Earth.

Possess Tor body during a leythe-storm. Yes he loved it, and after even ask Tor to fuck him.

But I also think it's sort of sad the humor was just in the first part of the book the freebie.

He must prove he deserve to have all his powers, and do learn a lesson about fro fragile live is, he is stripped of almost all powers, and must live as a human. It's something I can't talk about openly, so I'm putting in a spoiler. Tor is bonded to a sword, Carrik Tarn, aka Blackfang.