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Many measures were introduced not only

Many small factories opened up specializing in clothing, food processing, cement, tiles, paper, and home appliances. The first group was the only group to really benefit from the land reforms, and this group consisted of former village headmen, bailiffs, and some former landlords. Dairy industry and infrastructure have been expanded and modernised. This measure was criticized by some of the clergy. The Shah's reforms overvalued grandiose inefficient industries over agriculture leading to a sense of negligence among the farmers.

Because of inadequate marketing facilities, most of the marketable surplus is sold in the form of ghee which is the least remunerative of all milk products. The Imperial Inspection Commission was founded, consisting of representatives from administrative bodies and people of proven integrity. Many of them migrated to urban centers for work. Most important, however, were the land reform programs which saw the traditional landed elites of Iran lose much of their influence and power.

This phase emphasised on consolidating the gains of the earlier two phases by improving the productivity and efficiency of the dairy sectors for long term sustainability. This sparked three days of rioting and left several hundred dead. Kurien, along with his friend H.

The central plank of the programme was to link the rural producers with urban consumers. Emigrations to cities resulted in more demand that could be met by production.

Most of the dairy needs are met indigenously. The marriageable age for women was also raised to fifteen. They also did not appreciate the government undercutting their authority when it came to dealing with peasants or land laborers. He founded Amul, one of the largest milk producing companies in India. The huge increase in milk supply through concerted efforts on a cooperative level is known as the White Revolution.

Land reform which was the

Land reform, which was the focus of the White Revolution, did what it was intended to do, weaken the nobles and landlords. Many measures were introduced, not only to protect the national resources and stop the destruction of forests and pasturelands, but also to further develop and cultivate them. Extending the Right to Vote to Women, who previously did not enjoy this right.

It was a step taken by the Indian Government to develop and help the dairy industry sustain itself economically by developing a co-operative, while providing employment to the poor farmers. The White Revolution helped increase milk productivity and milk was now sold at competitive market prices. Women in military forms as Education Corp. Larger factories for textiles, machine tools, and car assembly were also opened.