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Interdisciplinary Bayesian Statistics by Adriano Polpo download in pdf, ePub, iPad

The authors draw on many years of experience with practical and research programs and describe many new statistical methods, not available elsewhere. It will be essential reading for all statisticians, statistics students, and related interdisciplinary researchers. It is unique in presenting Bayesian statistics with a practical flavor and an emphasis on mainstream statistics, showing how to infer scientific, medical, and social conclusions from numerical data. This option will not require a final examination with committee.

Additional courses may count

Courses in this category introduce the theory of probability and stochastic processes, and the foundations of statistical inference. My main application interest lies in problems of nutrition and physical activity, both at the molecular level and in the individual level.

The text includes a

Additional courses may count for this track but must be approved by the director. The text includes a large number of practical examples, worked examples, and exercises. This specialization is meant to give students the foundational tools for analyzing data, including complex and high dimensional datasets. Courses in this category provide students with the tools to model and analyze data, perform predictive analyses, and apply theory to solve important scientific problems.