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Heather gets a job in Atlanta forcing Lilly to move. He lives an hour away from Lilly. Luann causes Miley trouble by dressing up as Hannah Montana and threatening to reveal her secret. Miley is convinced that Luann is evil, although Robby doesn't believe it.

Roxy takes her job very seriously, and is known for her ridiculous attempts to keep Miley safe from danger. Because Miley Cyrus portrayed Luann, this made her a type of evil twin. It is also revealed that he has an ambition of becoming a pop star. Unlike Earl, who did eventually appear, Aunt Pearl has remained completely unseen on screen, making her the longest-running unseen character in the show whose voice has not been heard.

She has beaten Lilly multiple times in an annual competition, and enjoys taunting Lilly about it. Dontzig is the only character in Hannah Montana to be portrayed by two separate actors.

Later, when Chad's locker is stuck, Oliver refuses to help him open it. Their relationship, however, comes to an end again after Miley learns that Jake is too self-centered and they later agree to be just friends.

He is bullied by the Cracker. After making her wish, Jesse McCartney is her hopelessly infatuated boyfriend.

She works a job as a bikini model. They are good friends again after Cooper realizes that everything was Olivia's fault. The character is primarily based on Parton herself who is the real-life godmother of Miley Cyrus. Seasons Oliver Oken Mitchel Musso is Miley's wimpy, wisecracking, bumbling, and second best friend. Jake serves as Miley's foil and represents the over-exposed lifestyle she is trying to avoid.

Chad later sticks another piece of used gum on a picture of Hannah in Oliver's locker. Ruby helps teach Miley the value of family and staying true to oneself.

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In the pilot episode, Robby tells Miley that Susan would have been proud of her performance at the Los Angeles concert. Rico thinks that he is more good-looking than him even though the two could be twins.

Liposuction Liza Lisa Arch is Hannah's former assistant. Even though he is unaware that Miley is Hannah Montana. Though her character may appear arrogant and shallow based on her behavior towards Hannah, Mikayla actually has been shown to have a much softer side towards others. She seems to have a crush on Jackson, and is frequently having celebrity parties, hormonas veggie tales yahoo dating in which Hannah and her friends go to although Lilly only goes for the publicity. She finds Hannah's anklet and accidentally drops it overboard in disgust after learning the diamonds are synthetic imitations.

It is revealed that her and Joannie's parents are dating. Elvis eventually started dating Aunt Dolly which began a year feud between the two women.

When they both see them, they all of sudden want to become best friends with Miley, since everyone found out about her secret. In an attempt to get good grades, Jackson sets his father up on a date with Karen Kunkle, but fails when his father has an argument with her over his cooking ingredients. Mateo Suave Mateo Arias is Rico's older brother. It is also assumed that she bullies people because she was bullied because of her name.

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After this she returned to work for Hannah. He is usually star struck when he meets a celebrity like Jake or Hannah Montana.

This celebratory gesture becomes their trademark and a source of great annoyance to Miley and Lilly. She bullys Dandruff Danny, then starts to bully Miley. That's why I have the big hedge! Earlier Heather bought Lilly a pair of horn-rimmed glasses which Lilly is embarrassed to wear.

He had a pet hamster who is later seen under the ownership of Lilly. Thor usually comes off as being very friendly and has been known to be totally oblivious to when people make fun of him, or when he is found annoying to others. Tipton who finds Miley's charm anklet.

Ruthie reconciles with Miley and teaches her to better appreciate her brother. Lydia is a maid on board the S. He is a fierce competitor and claims to never lose. Isis is based on the real-life pop star Madonna.

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Soon, Robby winds up believing that she's hiding something from him. Sarah goes with him to the dance. Hannah acts like a diva in front of Riener who assumes that she is trying to impress him with her acting skills.

According to Jake, he and Marissa pretend to be dating to increase interest in the film, similarly to how he had earlier dated Holly. It is said that her and Sarah's parents are dating, so it is possible that they may have become stepsisters after the show had ended.

She then took a job as her bodyguard. Jesse later goes to see Miley off at the airport and they presumably kiss. As the series progresses, an increasing number of people are revealed to know the secret.

Taylor-Brewer Family of Lawrence County, Alabama

She reconciles with Robby, but they are no longer seen dating. He also has a secret love of baking, something he keeps secret because he believes it is a primarily female activity. The plan works perfectly, although Miley immediately feels guilty about the plan and offers the picture back to Johnson. Cooper often plays the straight man to Jackson's antics. Candid Camera and Punk'd parody.