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In October of the same year, he was promoted to lieutenant and was commander of a company. The action of a police attack and riot is rendered energetically with diagonals and broken planes. Thus, the approach adopted in this book is primarily that of cultural history, rather than visual or literary analysis. They wanted to turn Italy into a more modern country, though their methods might not have appealed to everyone.

Citations refer to the Hacker edition. Her intention is to focus on how Marinetti and the others responded to the call to arms, and how Futurism fared in a war setting. These activities contin- ued the approach of futurismo moderato, modifying the Futurist mes- sage in order to appeal to these new military audiences.

He suffered a nervous breakdown during the war and spent time in a military psychiatric hospital outside Ferrara. Marinetti and some other Futurists were active in calling for the country to go to war, as might be expected if one took their manifesto at face value. In September, Boccioni, seated in the balcony of the Teatro dal Verme in Milan, tore up an Austrian flag and threw it into the audience, while Marinetti waved an Italian flag. He wrote exclusively in French until and had his secretary, Decio Cinti, translate his works into Italian. After a time, the Volunteer Cyclists and Motorists unit was broken up and its members transferred to various regiments of the Italian Army.

He talked to the Italian artist, Amadeo Modigliani, who advised against participating. He returned to the artistic side of Futurism and saw potential for advancing its interests through theatrical performances and the new-medium of film.

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He spent the rest of the war holding exhibitions in Rome and Capri and creating his Balli plastici for the theatre. He continued to be associated with Futurism throughout the s and s. Later, Severini, who lived in Paris, attributed their backwardness in style and method at this time to their distance from Paris, the centre of avant-garde art. They were, in many ways, precursors of the Dadaists and Surrealists.

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The role of Marinetti in the devel- opment of Futurism is a topic that has fascinated scholars almost since the inception of Futurism as an academic field of study. The motor bus rushes into the houses which it passes, and in their turn the houses throw themselves upon the motor bus and are blended with it.

Guerra Festa was also the title of a tapestry by Fortunato Depero. Cangiullo joined the movement in and led the Futurist group based in Naples. The Avant-Garde and Its Legacy, ed.