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Jack The Giant Killer offers an enjoyable story, great action scenes, competent direction, great special effects and a professional cast. In the recently reissued prints of Jack the Giant Killer, most of the original voices have been dubbed over, and incongruous musical numbers added. Interesting Fantasy Movies. This movie is pretty family-friendly overall and has a light hearted attitude throughout. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video.

It was good that Jack managed to break the spell afterwards. He soon sets off on an adventure with the king's guards to rescue the princess, only to find that a mythical land filled with giants really exists. Mono Westrex Recording System. What's on Joshua Jackson's Watchlist?

As a birthday gift, he gives Elaine a magical music box with a small anthropomorphic jester inside that walks and dances. Aliens and their Guardians are hiding on Earth from intergalactic bounty hunters. Alternate Versions Producer Edward Small re-released this film as a musical. Finding himself prisoner of these creatures, he escapes, only to encounter Woola and a princess in desperate need of a savior.

As they retreat, they find the Imp washed ashore who grants Jack's final wish by summoning a sea monster that kills the two-headed giant. Kerwin Mathews, still another veteran of Sinbad, plays Jack, trade empires who rescues Meredith and promises to escort her to safety.

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Jack then fights Cormoran and slays the giant. Perseus braves the treacherous underworld to rescue his father, Zeus, captured by his son, Ares, and brother Hades who unleash the ancient Titans upon the world. While Elaine and Jack are falling in love during the journey, Pendragon sends his demonic witches to intercept their ship. Tomatometer Not Yet Available. Transported to Barsoom, a Civil War vet discovers a barren planet seemingly inhabited by foot tall barbarians.

Crazy Credits The legendary logo emits the same glowing as the crown does in the film. Though in a released film, it still feels kind of dated. Perseus demigod, son of Zeus, battles the minions of the underworld to stop them from conquering heaven and earth. He meets his father's corrupted creation and a unique ally who was born inside the digital world. Some of the footage was doctored to make it look like some of the original cast were singing rather than speaking their dialog.

Jack the Giant Killer

He tried to get as close to Seventh Voyage as he could. Juran and later re-edited and re-released as a musical by producer Edward Small. As the fabled Blood Moon approaches, the siblings encounter a new form of evil that might hold a secret to their past. Original theatrical poster.

Anna Lee as Lady Constance. However, perhaps it's just as well as I have heard that the musical numbers are lousy. Dayton Lummis as King Mark. Paul Sawtell Bert Shefter. Torin Thatcher as Pendragon.

However, for me it is Judi Meredith who really made the film. Perseus must battle Medusa and the Kraken to save the Princess Andromeda.

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Films directed by Nathan Juran. What are the differences between the censored European cut and the uncensored theatrical cut? In the night, the Princess arrives, having run off to keep herself from marrying Roderick, who is clearly only interested in becoming king. Hayden Christensen, Samuel L.

We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Instead, the film fleshes them out a bit and gives them a motive for their actions. For this, as well as the other films in his final years, he worked behind the camera as a make-up artist. When a princess is shrunken by an evil wizard, Sinbad must undertake a quest to an island of monsters to cure her and prevent a war. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password.

Jack The Giant Killer Movie Trailer and Videos

Jack The Giant Killer Movie Trailer and Videos

Enraged at having his plan foiled, Pendragon makes up another one determined to stop Jack. Soon, the beans take root with a giant stalk carrying away the princess and Jack's house. Jack The Giant Killer is a unique film in its own right.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The cast gives their all, especially Nicholas Hoult. The rest of the characters are decently developed, including the sinister Lord Roderick played by Stanley Tucci and the noble knight Elmont played by Ewan McGreggor. During the Civil War a group of Union soldiers and two Confederates escape the stockade using a hot air balloon and end up on a strange Pacific island. The film was partly shot on Catalina Island and at Goldwyn Studios.

In the chaos, the ship's captain Robert Gist is murdered by one of the witches and Elaine is captured. King of the Monsters Debate.

Juran divided the special effects duties between two companies. The film wound up in a lawsuit.

Herla later dies meaning that a threat against Pendragon no longer exists. The castle guards try to stop the giant, but he fights them off and escapes. Prominent among the supporting actors is Don Beddoe as an impish genie.

Edit Storyline The terrible and trecherous Pendragon plans to gain the throne of Cornwall by getting the king to abdicate and to marry his lovely daughter. Please click the link below to receive your verification email.

Trivia This would be the final film for Charles Gemora. Learn more More Like This. Her mother is dead, her father is an over-protective king who wants her to marry someone she doesn't like, she's tired of her boring life in the palace and dreams of adventure. Don Beddoe as Imp in Bottle. Films produced by Edward Small.