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There are several other treatment options available that can be used to treat keloids. Patients whose bodies are more prone to growing keloids tissues need to proactively inform us so that we can take care while treating them. Keloids can affect almost any part of the body and are larger than the original wound. Keloids may occur post an injury at the affected area on the body. Sometimes this scar tissue grows excessively, forming a smooth, raised, mumbai dating girl mobile number hard tissue called keloids.

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Pierced body parts or areas that have had acne or scarring due to chicken pox or tears in the ear lobes that have recently been corrected etc. We have elaborated a few for your understanding. Patients suffering from keloids experience pain and itching.

Doctors for Keloid in Bangalore

Divya Sharma is highly experienced in this field and one of the best doctors to go to for scar removal in Bangalore. This is especially important for cosmetic surgeries. They occur mostly on the upper back, chest area and on shoulders. And if it is on an exposed part of the skin, it will look discolored and ugly, taking away confidence of the person living in a world of perfect-looking people. This overgrowth expands over surrounding normal skin.

They grow over a closed or healed injury and grow to a certain final size beyond the area that was injured. It is a non-contagious condition and is benign and is treated mostly because they cause pain and itching and obstructs the normal movement of the skin as they are massive in size. The person may experience discomfort or tenderness and the tight scar tissue may hamper smooth movement.

Treatment of keloids can be tricky as surgical scar removal can result in even larger keloids. We minimize formation of keloids by carrying out a few tried and tested processes like covering the wounds with silicon gel or using radiation treatments during the healing stage.

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Keloids Treatment in Bangalore