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She looked small in my jersey. We packed up the truck and drove out of town. She was looking up at the sky and back to me.

He still didn't get the fascination of fishing. Sam was looking at me and tilted her head she asked me what Mrs. This is it I was going to get my kiss in the back of my truck on this lovely afternoon on the way to my cabin.

She was laughing more and the dark circles under her eyes were almost gone. He followed me to the truck and I explained to Carter about the generous offer the owner had made and she said it wasn't necessary but he had insisted and we both agreed. That brought us back to reality. We walked to the truck and I said I would drive the rest of the way we were almost there. She sat behind me as I looked through the telescope I found some constellations and moved out of the way so she could take a look.

Sam was looking

We both snorted at him and went to get our supplies. She looked around and with a yawn caught me looking and her she smiled and winked at me. She explained she tried the key to open the door and it had gotten stuck and she had tried to force the key to turn and it had broken off and had caused her to lose her balance and fall back. We met at Sam's and Daniel was already there.

She was just nodding and taking everything in. He stood up and gave me a mock salute and yelled at Carter to wait up. We had all the time in the world. We went back to our mock battle for the cake and Mrs.

You know what I feel for you if not then let me make it clear. She was back on the ship with fifth and that she had killed me without remorse. Clark asked Sam if she wanted a slice now. She had circles under her eyes from the lack of sleep.

The rest of the week flew by as we fished, hiked and just relaxed. Sam walked to the dock and picked up rocks and started to skim them over the water. He had also made sure that Carter had dried herself up and had dry clothing to wear. The future was looking promising.

She kept staring at me and I just shrugged my shoulders and proceeded to pay for the groceries. The replicators had been defeated and the system lords were in ruin. You'll find someone else you're the complete package. The auction ended and I had won the cake and it was placed in a box with a ribbon on it. Carter you take the master T and Danny take the guestroom and I'll use the pullout sofa bed in the living room.

He still didn't get the