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Gullino is heavily involved in teaching, both at her university and department and at the international level. As a professional journalist, Gullino is also active in communicating research results and writing in technical journals, as well visiting farms and growers all over the world. On the Wednesday night, participants took part to the dinner in the Langhe region, enjoying local food and wine. This is reflected in hundreds of publications in Italian.

Over the years, Gullino has developed a strong attitude toward building effective interdisciplinary networks. Newsletter and Social Programme A daily newsletter was produced to background delegates on the keynote themes for the day.

Over the years

In, Institute of Medicine. On Friday night, the Congress dinner, after a wonderful Opera show in the Auditorium of Lingotto Congress Centre, provided a range of Italian foods and a great dance band. Gullino was born in Saluzzo, northern Italy. Aspects of crop protection have lost favour with the general public because of concerns about environmental pollution and genetic modification of crops. She also studied the formulation and production of biocontrol agents and risk assessments, a frequently overlooked topic.

Newsletter and Social Programme A daily

Of particular interest is a better understanding of the intersection of plant health, public health, and food security. Partnering to Protect Plant Systems. She is involved in knowledge transfer and has edited a book on the topic. Challenges to Crop Biosecurity. It also provided information on various attractions around Torino, photographs of delegates and any general notices.