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Also, Trico's size prevents it from entering small spaces, although not from lack of trying. When the terrified villagers attack him the boy instructs Trico to leave.

To escape these adversaries the Boy can run, jump, climb, and perform other various actions quite similar, in fact, to the gameplay featured in both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Strangely, their enemy is called away, just as when it attacked the Boy in the cage, and Trico just barely manages to keep its life.

When attacking the Boy, they will knock him down with a swipe of a claw and then proceed to swallow him alive. This theory is supported by the destruction of the Nest as the said-location and the life of the Master of The Valley are seemingly tied together. Removing the chain and shattered armor, the two set out through the tunnels to find their way out. When it first encounters the Boy, it is hostile, as he is under the direction of the Master. Similarly, Trico will refuse to eat food it thinks smells badly, or it will go to sleep when the Boy needs it most.

Sensing a threat, the Master summons a large number of armored beasts to the citadel, and the Boy is attacked. It flies back to the Nest, but is struck by lightning and chained up by the soldiers. However, after being struck by lightning and chained, he is left to the mercy of the Boy. The final and primary antagonist of the game, the Master of the Valley is a malevolent, supernatural entity.

It chases the boy to the edge of a chasm, but rescues him instead. Residing in the Citadel, it is an immobile orb of darkness with green runes all over it. It is immensely strong, able to smash obstacles and enemies such as Knights with ease. Armored Tricos are also bold enemies and are highly effective at taking down Trico, thus proving far more serious a threat to the Boy.

Knowing Trico willThe game was running on

One Armored Trico even manages to rip the end of Trico's tail off. The Boy is regurgitated, now suddenly covered in the tattoo-like markings.

The boy uses the mirror to summon energy from the severed tail segment and destroy the master of the valley, causing the creatures to plummet from the sky. Trico's main weakness, however, is the strange talismans the two encounter as they render it petrified in fear or in a trance. To the Boy's surprise and delight, Trico regurgitates the mirror-shield, returning the Boy's ability of the power of lightning. These unfortunate beasts and hollow suits of armor have no will of their own while under the Master's suppressing will. Finally finding a way into the open air, the Boy attempts to leave Trico behind in search of his home village.

The game was running on a much lower frame rate. Knowing Trico will be killed if it stays, the Boy, before passing out again, orders it to leave. Finding another way into the tall tower, the Armored Trico attacks again. This ultimately triggered a positive reaction out of Trico, and so the two attempted to leave the Nest together.