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Margarete Dos's reminiscences give a

Now looking through my diary to see what is waiting for me in October. It was also the anniversary of my father's death. Perhaps I would have made less mistakes and gone off in other directions. Must find warm pullovers and jackets.

In short my reading experiences for

It's not that I think she's falsified information, or anything close. The story is reinforced with wonderful pictures of her family, Berlin, Jena where she studied medicine. Story is my thing, and there are enough stories to keep me reading forever. But in that case, I was told that the account was largely unedited, and compiled from diary entries kept at the time, and so I trusted its veracity.

Margarete Dos's reminiscences give a glimpse into the reactions of an average German family during and after the war. In short, my reading experiences for these two very similar books were almost entirely different, and yet I'm not sure that the actual process for either one was so very different. They share the same day but for different reasons. Throughout, she includes footnotes when she has been not been able to confirm her mother's account, or where it contradicts the known historical record. Apart from these things, October is full of the usual monthly meetings with different people and organisations to enjoy as we settle into autumn.

The weather forecast is for the arrival of autumn from tomorrow. October Things The last day of September. All together, it makes a fascinating glimpse into her life during the war. It has been a good month for me and I have enjoyed the last week too. The text is based on oral recollections from Margarete Dos, as recorded by her daughter Kerstin, as well as some written records.

But just when she thought the worst was over, and she and her mother were on a train headed to Sweden, they were suddenly rerouted deep into Russia. She freely admits that she has rearranged her mother's scattered reminiscences into something that's a cohesive narrative.