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The irony of the project was that Keith was an extremely picky eater, and now he had to make his way through lots of curries, flavorsome stews, and dishes that you eat with bread or with your hands. Personally, reading this book gave me courage to accept some things in the past for which there is no explanation. Luckily she manages to give a fairly comprehensive overview of the cooking she did over those years. Food was always a way of connecting to their Italian and Hungarian heritage. Their new guardians, family friends Patricia and Pierre, moved the family to Atlanta, then to France and Luxembourg.

She is a person who has had the courage to tell an authentic story of learning to make peace with herself and her past, in order to be able to live in the present and the future. She had moved to Tulsa for a summer internship and ending up staying there and getting involved in a motorcycle club, through which she met Keith. Some of the food is more recognizable of course, including the German layer cake her mother always made them, and a Sacher torte from Austria. Her writing is clear and conversational.

They married and had a daughterThis is easily the

They married and had a daughter named Ava. This is easily the most boring stuff. She recognized that, especially with her family spread around the country, she needed community right there in Tulsa if she was to stay. While I am very grateful for having gone on this journey with Sasha, the book was different than what I expected.

Martin had the idea to cook dishes from every country of the world.