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For example, in northern Arizona and southern Utah, Jacob Hamblin and others devoted years to efforts that, in effect, transformed Indians from members of the Lost Tribes into Latter-day Saints. The main point to recall here, then, is that the indigenous people encountered in early Mormon experience were simultaneously American and Near Eastern in origin. This association in turn hinges on several connections the Mormons had with others who sought ancient truths in modern times. The first lecturer was Arrington himself.

Rather, smoking guns such as actual quotes by church leaders are needed to substantiate any alleged connections. Let us now look more closely at the many alleged connections between Mormons and Muslims. Edited by John Gee and Michael D. Mormons as Muslims In addition to ancient Egypt and Judea, however, Arabia and much of the area claimed by Islam also loomed as a reference point to the newlycreated Mormon faith in the s.

Arrington Mormon History Lecture SeriesHe and his close ally

Utah State University hosts the Leonard J. The state's land grant university began collecting records very early, and in the s became a major depository for Utah and Mormon records.

Arrington Mormon History Lecture Series. He and his close ally, Dr. Both are descendants of Adam and Eve.