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The ship had a double bottom with the space between divided into separate watertight cells. In return the ships would be built to Admiralty specifications so that they could be used as auxiliary cruisers in wartime. At sea, the ships contacted Lusitania by radio but did not have the codes used to communicate with merchant ships. Imperial German Embassy Washington, D.

Economising measures were taken

This was not wholly unrestricted submarine warfare as efforts would be taken to avoid sinking neutral ships. Ships within this area were liable to search and attack. It can also be argued that so important a ship merited a destroyer escort for the most perilous part of its voyage. The collapsibles were built with hollow wooden bottoms and canvas sides, and needed assembly in the event they had to be used. At first they were used by the Germans only to attack naval vessels, something they achieved only occasionally but sometimes with spectacular success.

He was steaming too close to shore, where U-boats loved to lurk, instead of in the relative safety of the open channel. Heavy vibrations as a by-product of the four steam turbines on Lusitania and Mauretania would plague both ships throughout their careers.

This required the addition of a number of pillars and arches to the decorative scheme. As seen in first class, the dining room was situated lower down in the ship on the saloon deck. Despite all our care, we had at least one underwater collision and several near misses.

Captain Dow of Lusitania refused to

Captain Dow of Lusitania refused to give his own position except in code, and since he was, in any case, some distance from the positions they gave, continued to Liverpool unescorted. Economising measures were taken. Plates were held together by triple rows of rivets.