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Full screen view magnifies the entire screen. Invert colors toggle with Alt-I. You need to use lens mode for the lens size options to appear. Some people want to change the clarity or size of the words and images on the screen. My Web My Way - Making the web easier to use.

Make your text larger Change your fonts Change your colours Make your computer speak text aloud. This article describes how to to install and use Microsoft Magnifier. Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcuts listed below. Following the keyboard focus, which centers on the location of the mouse pointer. Microsoft Magnifier is a display tool that makes the screen more readable for users who have low vision.

When you open Magnifier, the Magnifier toolbar appears briefly. When you select this option, you can choose to have the Magnifier window move when the mouse pointer approaches or when the mouse pointer hits the edge of the Magnifier window. Tell Magnifier where to focus In Full-screen and Dock modes, mp3 for virgin mobile you can set where you want Magnifier to focus. Geoff uses magnification software.

If you've read this far, then you might be interested to hear how this product came to be. This is a product created by customers, a great utility, ideal for many, truly affordable, and worth the download to see if it is right for you. If you want to have Magnifier always at your fingertips, you can pin it to the Start screen or taskbar. When you are prompted to restart your computer, click Yes.

It will continue to work up to hours total to let you evaluate how it works for you. Magnifier is intended to provide a minimum level of functionality for users with slight visual impairments.

The Magnifier - Computer Screen Magnifier Software for Windows

Docked view works on the desktop. For more information, read the Introduction to the Ease of Access Center. How do I purchase a license? Download Click here to go to the Download page for The Magnifier. When licensed, they are not run-time limited in any way.

How to Install and Use Microsoft Magnifier

Ideal for those who have tunnel vision or have difficulty keeping track of the cursor onscreen. Full-screen mode and lens mode are only available as part of the Aero experience. Lens view is like moving a magnifying glass around the screen. As you move around the screen, parts of the screen are magnified in the docking area, even though the main part of the screen is unchanged. You can choose whether you want full-screen magnification or to just magnify part of your screen.

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In this view, Magnifier is anchored to your screen. Indonesia Bahasa - Bahasa.

In Lens mode, the focus is always set on where the mouse pointer is on the screen. Did this solve your problem?

When you're using lens mode, you can adjust the size of the Magnifier lens. Turn on and customise Magnifier. Magnifier includes different settings to help suit your needs. If you want to have Magnifier at your fingertips, you can pin it to the taskbar.

Try them all to find out which one you prefer. Following the mouse pointer as it moves on your screen. Using Magnifier You can open and close Magnifier quickly so it's handy when you need it and it's out of your way when you don't. It also includes numerous other features that make it a powerful and useful utility! The Magnifier tracks mouse cursor and tracks text caret while typing.

Magnifier is a useful tool that enlarges part-or all-of your screen so you can see the words and images better. Using Magnifier Magnifier creates a separate window that displays a magnified portion of your screen. You can change the size of the lens in Magnifier settings. Your product neatly, cleanly fills a great need, as conveniently as any I've seen. Keyboard shortcuts in Magnifier The following keyboard shortcuts are available when using Magnifier.

Click the Windows Setup tab. For a full list of Magnifier keyboard shortcuts, see Windows keyboard shortcuts for accessibility. The magnification window will appear along the top edge of your screen. Always make sure you have the most up-to-date video driver for your video hardware. Toggle cursor display with Alt-C.

You can change the way Magnifier works. Change Magnifier settings Magnifier includes different settings to help suit your needs. In Full-screen and Dock modes, you can set where you want Magnifier to focus. For more info about changing your screen resolution, see Get the best display on your monitor. If unlicensed, then they are run-time limited, and will shut down in about an hour and can be restarted up to times.

Bosna i Hercegovina - Hrvatski. Change the size of the magnification window. To learn more about adjusting the screen resolution, see Getting the best display on your monitor. British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Change the size of the magnifier lens In Lens mode, the focus is always set on where the mouse pointer is on the screen.

Also, because of this, any video issues or display problems are most likely related to the system and not to The Magnifier software. To exit Magnifier, press the Windows logo key.

Tell us what we can do to improve the article Submit. Easy to Read Magnifier Menu We magnified the menu, so you don't have too! Certain games and DirectX type interfaces will not operate correctly with The Magnifier The Magnifier does not use video drivers. For a more detailed list of keyboard shortcuts, and other user options, click here. Set Magnifier to start every time Follow these steps to make Magnifier start automatically when you log in.

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The magnification window will move to follow where you move the mouse. Single, Double, or Triple width lines. To reduce the amount of distracting movement on your screen, Magnifier can now stay centered on your mouse cursor.

Find out more about page archiving. Use a high-contrast setting. For a more detailed list of keyboard shortcuts, and other user options, click here How does the demo work?

Magnifier enlarges different parts of the screen and is part of the Ease of Access Center. Video how to guide Text version. Alternatively, press Tab until the slider you want to adjust is highlighted and then use the arrow keys to change the height and width.

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