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He left us the very next day after my mother had passed away. She does not diagnose medical issues, offer medical advice, prescribe drugs, or perform surgery. We held him in love, together as a family. Together they heal and guide us.

He was alwaysAs he let go

Disclaimer Victoria Kress is not a veterinarian. There was much evidence that his life before the sanctuary had been really hard, and that he had suffered from years of abuse and neglect. He was best known for his endless ability to accept pettings. This always made me laugh. Fonzie Fonzie was adopted from the Oregon Humane Society.

He was loved by all and an angel to his human companions. He loved to have his belly scratched and he would lift one of his hind legs and turn his head around and give me a back rub with his nose. He is missed and continues to fill their hearts with love whenever they think of him.

His passing was the work of God. During the past few months, as his body declined, his heart grew in strength, and this boy that lived so many years on sheer force of will, finally began to trust the people that loved him so much. His transition was gentle and beautiful and he had us with him through the entire process reminding him how deeply loved he was. With a body so thin, frail, and failing, we helped Moses finish this life here and release this body and its story.

He was always working to bring peace, joy, and love to everyone he met. As he let go, our touch was the last thing he felt before being taken up into the arms of All That Is. His not-so-subtle nudges came frequently and you could hardly resist giving in. Through the blessings of kismet, she landed in our hearts and proved to be a healer to all who met her.

He enjoyed Reiki and would often stand next to the bars of his stall where I could place my hands on him and he would move his body so my hands would be exactly where he wanted them. Thank you, Thor, for so many magical, shining moments. When I talked to him he looked at me with his large, intelligent, sometimes twinkling and playful eyes. She chose to leave this earth in the barn, surrounded by her precious herd and adoring mom and dad. His body was weak and tired, and ready to let go.