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It can also adopt internal operating regulations. We will not achieve cultural integration if there is no political and economic integration. Nevertheless, reality in Brazil remains far behind reality in Europe.

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This creates a serious problem from a political point of view. The Committee will ordinarily meet twice a year, and extraordinarily whenever summoned by any of its five presidents.

The decision-making stage is reserved exclusively for official representatives of the member states. Today, it is viewed as the principal vehicle for the political, economic and cultural integration of Latin America. And we will not advance politically if the cultural foundations do not exist. We have also managed to make appreciable progress in integrating our cultures. For Penna Filho, disputes will intensify elsewhere beyond the realm of economic and political negotiations.

The presidents of the member nations shall partake of the annual Common Market Council meeting whenever possible. When it comes to higher education, a number of detailed proposals are being implemented. Nevertheless, Brazil has had peaceful relations with Venezuela. Within the bloc, even in their direct relations with other countries, each member has autonomy to deal with its own problem areas.

In a plebiscite in France, for example, the population rejected the European Constitution. Day by day, the countries of Europe are already talking about creating a single system for higher education. Such a treaty would mean immediate exclusion from the South American bloc.

In that sense, the members of the bloc have quietly come to a mutual understanding. Brazil also tried to promote events in various sectors where integration seemed possible, including education, culture and industry. We only want a fair price.

Meetings are held in the territory of each member state on a successive and alternating basis. To better achieve its objectives, the trade commission can create technical committees targeting direction and supervision of the work it engages in. These measures would permit him to govern through decrees.

One important factor that promises to shake up the bloc is the membership of Venezuela. Nor have we advanced in making access to education more democratic.

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During the six months when Brazil occupied the pro-tempore presidency of the bloc, it tried to show that it was the leader in the process of integration, going beyond trade and economic issues. Common Market Group decisions shall be made by consensus, with the representation of all member states.

These kinds of similarities and shortcomings reinforce the need to come closer together. Portuguese and Spanish are the official languages of the Joint Parliamentary Committee. Meetings of the Joint Parliamentary Committee will only be valid when attended by parliamentary delegations from all member states. In that sense, Penna Filho compares the situation with the crises that the European Union has experienced. Decisions by the Joint Parliamentary Committee will be made by consensus vote of the majority of the members accredited by the respective Congresses of each member state.

Our reality must be viewed with flexibility now that Uruguay has already gone to court in October when we made a serious diagnosis of the situation. Venezuela has great economic potential, since it is the largest petroleum producer in South America and its economic growth has outpaced the average in the region. Although all of the countries in the bloc continue to preach the cause of unity, other leaders approved of the break to address areas of particular interest. New political leaders emerged at the end of the s, creating conditions that sometimes reflected hostility. Proposals and decisions of the trade commission will be taken by a consensus of the representatives indicated by each member nation.

The Socioeconomic Advisory Forum is consultative by nature, and represents the various socioeconomic sectors of the member nations. Council members shall meet whenever necessary, but at least once a year. For example, in Latin America we do not have any truly reliable way to evaluate foreign education. At the same time, Brazil opted against controversy in its discussions with Bolivia and Venezuela. In other words, we had a clear demonstration that the smaller countries are not satisfied.

The official Mercosur languages will be Portuguese and Spanish, and the official version of all work papers will be prepared in the language of the country hosting the meeting. The commission shall meet at least once a month, as well as whenever asked to by the Mercosur executive agency or by a member state. The Group is the executive body of Mercosur, and is coordinated by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the member states. The commission should also follow up on the development of issues and matters related to common trade policies, bo bruce and danny o'donoghue dating sim the intra-Mercosur trade and trade with other countries.

Nevertheless, the roots of the two projects are quite different. Argentina and Brazil had managed to stabilize their economies, and the region was experiencing a political environment marked by relative tranquility.

In the preparatory stage, the members of the Work Subgroups may request the participation of representatives from the private sector of each member state. At least one of the parties to the contract is domiciled or headquartered in any member state and, additionally, has made a choice of jurisdiction in favor of a court in one of the member states. However, its problems continue to grow because of disputes between its various member-states, especially between Argentina and Brazil.

The Commission will have five actual members and four alternates, with each member nation's indicating a member. Special meetings may be freely called at any time, at any previously scheduled place. The members of the Common Market Group appointed by a given member state will constitute the National Section of the Common Market Group for that particular nation. The meetings of the Work subgroups will be held quarterly, alternating in every member state, in alphabetical order, or at the Common Market Group Administrative Office. For Brazil especially, Venezuela has always had strategic importance in the region.

Council decisions shall be made by consensus, with representation of all member states. Its eventual goal could be the creation of a structure similar to that of the European Union. This is a period of global inclusion, but higher education still does not fully reflect that change. Its basic duties are to cause compliance with the Asuncion Treaty and to take resolutions required for implementation of the decisions made by the Council. One area involves the construction of an institutional framework to support progress in multilateral negotiations.