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Indian dating dragons den tattoo, welcome to dragon's den tattooing and piercing studio! Basically, the peacock is a national bird of the Indian culture and it is also one of the most attractive birds in the world. This tattoo is meant to protect the person from the evil eye. The Panch This represented the Pandavas that lived together, with one wife, dating site in malaysia devoid of any disagreement. One of the most definite reason for having a tattoo in the Indian culture was for the reasons of their religion.

The feather tattoos are mostly worn by women and they can be applied on any part of the body. One of the most common tattoo was the black dot, which is applied to the forehead or the chin. It is also drawn as a charm to protect the bearer against the evil influences. Some will be colored, but most of them are black in color.

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In some cases, ashes will be applied there, which is also meant to protect the bearer from any evil. So basically, it is meant to be a charm for wealth.