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With increasing population

Poverty is extensive, and often severe. This trend is likely to continue. During the war both Cardiff and Swansea were targets for German air attacks due to their important docks. Some four percent of cultivated land is irrigated.

Cattle numbers are relatively low. Vulnerability is high, since a considerable part of the farming system has poor soils and is drought-prone. Land preparation is by oxen or camel, while hoe cultivation is common along riverbanks. Over the next fifty years the Rhondda would grow to become the largest producer of coal of the age. The Forest Based System, on the other hand, might benefit from reduction of excess moisture, but it is likely to face a population influx from neighbouring areas.

Nevertheless, cattle numbers per household tend to be higher in the dry farming systems than in the moist systems. The most typical areas have monomodal rainfall, but some areas experience bimodal rainfall.

With increasing population density, however, the fallow periods are progressively being reduced. The region has a higher proportion of people living in dollar poverty than any other region of the world. The lowlands are geographically the best environment for agriculture of the three areas. The main source of vulnerability is drought. The main source of vulnerability is the great climatic variability and consequently high incidence of drought.

The region has a