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Costco is my favorite

These are only the new products, there are a lot more gluten free products I have written about in my other two Costco articles. It tastes great, even when it's wet batter. These crackers are made from brown rice and garbanzo beans. Since I've advised you to seek out plain, unmarinated meats and fish, you may be worried that gluten-free food will be bland. However, unless they are specifically marked gluten-free, nearly all breaded, seasoned, or prepared frozen fish like fish sticks or battered fish will contain gluten.

Flavor-wise, they are really good. If you live in the Northeast, many Wegmans store brand marinades and salad dressings are labeled gluten-free. In fact, knowing that their ground turkey is gluten-free has led me to substitute turkey for other ground meat in many of my recipes.

These sausages are

These sausages are one I need to try as I like how easy it would be to make these in the morning. Costco is my favorite place to find great deals on gluten free products. These Go Raw Sunflower Snacks look good. Yummly I have been writing and reporting on gluten free finds at Costco for over two years now. New gluten free products show up as others disappear from the Costco shelves.

For example, soy sauce contains gluten, but you can find wheat-free tamari sauce to use instead. Products like this are usually in a case near the fish counter, rather than with the rest of the frozen foods. We all love these crisp sweet potato chips from Kettle because they are so crispy. The types of product often vary from store to store.

These noodles were a big hit in our house. Salad dressings make great marinades, and you can find prepackaged marinades that are labeled gluten-free or come from a manufacturer who will disclose gluten ingredients like Kraft.

Many sausages or other combination products contain gluten ingredients as binders, so I suggest buying prepackaged versions of those items whose ingredients are fully disclosed. Check out the Costco articles I have written. This is an important step in learning to live gluten-free. By purchasing plain items like these and seasoning them yourself, you can control what goes into your food. They make several delicious hummus flavors, but our Costco only carries this one flavor.