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For all those that came before me and shared their experiences and support, I see you and thank you. My mother was steadfast in her faith in God. Only through experiences of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved.

Even he recognized that I was doing motherwork for him. Unable to sleep, a woman sits at the kitchen table or walks her neighborhood by night. My tears ran down my hot, flushed cheeks. Or sitting on a toilet seat in the restroom with students in the stall next to her. The literature seemed detached and highly academic when I needed a mentor, an understanding colleague, or a rhetorical hug.

Over the years my mother's steadfast faith in God has inspired me, particularly when I had to perform extremely difficult surgical procedures or when I found myself faced with my own medical scare. University Press of Mississippi.

Unable to sleep

She spoke to me in soft, gentle tones and told me I would be ok before calling my husband. Eventually the thoughts went away even though the obligations stuck around. Motherhood As Experience and Institution. The reviewer suggested that a more inclusive and interesting study could be done on librarian-parents rather than librarian-moms. The anxiety and depression made it hard for me to feel how easy it all actually was.

Black women and motherhood. As my body became curvy and my breasts grew large, it became harder for me to present as a masculine woman.

My husband would drive her to the library several times a day and I would meet them in the parking lot and nurse her in the front seat of the car. With our free time, we had to read two books each from the Detroit Public Library and submit to her written book reports. Concepts, Critiques, and Conversations pp.

Even he recognized that I was

My soft spot was still stinging, pulsing under my skin. However, that in no way reflected the reality in workplace cultures. Perplexed, she asked me if I still need the drugs, and whether the prescribing psychiatrist has talked to me about getting off of them. It was emotionally taxing.