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Mulga's Magical Musical Creatures by Mulga download in pdf, ePub, iPad

So that should be pretty cool. It is still open so if you are reading this and are musician get in touch with me and we can get our collab on. Lions spend most of their time lounging around so having them lounging around singing like caberet singers would be super funny. The illustrations are vibrant and popping with colour but they also involve some pretty intricate line work.

Illustrating this book

Usually when I paint murals I wont do the rough sketches but I will do the rest of what I just said. The way I started out was putting my art on t-shirts.

Illustrating this book was the most challenging art project I have done yet. Because the book is about music I thought it would be awesome to collaborate with musicians to turn the book into rocking songs. That book was really influential on me musically when I went through my rap phase.

Because the book is about music

Dreams can be a funny thing, and they can have a lasting impact on waking up. Mulga shows us here that we can use our dreams to inspire us in the waking world, we can use them to create something beautiful, something magical. Henri Rousseau is an inspiration.