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My best friends dating guy like, most Helpful Girl

Is this the guy you call whenever you need help because you know he'll always do it? Is he constantly the one asking? Does he only hook up with girls without ever actually caring?

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My best friend is dating the guy I like?

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He Asks You To Hang Out All The Time

And this doesn't apply to just favors. And if he jokes around a lot about hooking up and stuff, he's probably not joking. Like, a regular guy friend might just laugh it off if someone jokingly insults you.

Does he even flirt with or hook up with other girls? Does he ask you to do things that could also be dates? ShutterStock He Compliments You A Lot A guy who is just a friend won't regularly tell you that you look beautiful or that you're so funny or that you have really nice eyes. If he's always looking for an excuse to touch you or something, that means he wants to be touching you! If not, it's probably because he's waiting for you.

My best friend is dating the guy i like!?

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Pay attention to how he stands often he stands up for you. ShutterStock He's Really Flirty A lot of dudes are just naturally flirty, even with girls they don't have a crush on.

Most Helpful Girl

Guy friends who don't care won't ask that often. Do you think any of your guy friends like you?

Like, if you asked him to come pick you up an hour away in the middle of the night, would he wake up and do it? Does he seem like he's really not that interested? Buy pay attention to how your guy friend asks to hang out - does he seem like it always wants it to be just you two? He said it was because he was just being protective, but it was obvious that it was more than that. Even if he does talk to other girls, pay attention to how he talks about them.

Do you think guys and girls can ever be just friends? ShutterStock He Does Any Favor You Ask Friends should be able to rely on each other, but only someone who has a crush on you will do literally anything you ask no matter what. ShutterStock He Defends You To The Death Guys are usually pretty protective and defensive, even for just friends, but this is about how much he defends you. No matter what they were like, wot matchmaking weights he would find a reason to dislike them.