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She describes what's wrong with

But it was several years before I started to think through psycho analytical theories in a critical way. As the person grows up, most of their energy is put into avoiding danger rather than seeking satisfaction.

There's a bit more jargon in this book than in her other works, which seems unavoidable since she has to dissect the core theories of psychoanalysis. That's about all I have to say.

In this book Horney meticulously separates

For those familiar with Horney, this book's format is a bit different from that of her other books. As most analysts probably do, at first I attributed the resulting uncertainty to my own lack of experience, lack of understanding or blind spots. In making this separation, Horney redeems psychoanalysis.

She describes what's wrong with each element of Freud's theory while showing in her characteristic lucid style what can be gained by deep analysis of an individual's mind. In this book, Horney meticulously separates the baby and the bathwater.

And she does an excellent job. She had a real gift for that. Horney begins each chapter by describing in detail Freud's concepts e.