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Getting out and about and joining in with things has helped the family to feel part of the community. Joe also works for Study Link as a processing officer. Read more about the Great New Zealand Television turn-off. Other library fashion accoutrements include plastic sleeves, offering even greater protection to clothing. They do find New Zealand to be very open and friendly.

The wearing of smocks

Old, tinder-dry wooden buildings and books were a highly combustible combination, and many private and public libraries caught alight. They enjoyed last Christmas together in their new home, and decided to have a traditional British Christmas with roast turkey. The move represented changes on several fronts for the family. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. But while his other achievements have overshadowed this act, Turnbull and Hocken are largely known for the collections that bear their names.

Officials can also retain devices and potentially confiscate them from travelers who refuse to allow a search at the border. Terry was in the British Army, which meant the family was moving to a different country every couple of years. Do your homework first and make sure it is the right move for you.

The family have quickly

Read more about some of these fashions. Library fashion Library fashion slideshow In New Zealand the ubiquitous smock has defined the perception of librarians. They plan on embracing the Kiwi-style barbeque this year. Read more about the Munn Barr report.

Water damage, through floods, heavy rain or sprinkler systems, has proved to be just as destructive to library collections. The biggest challenge has been buying a house, but the couple say they just had a run of bad luck. Read more about these three collectors.

Fire has not been the only threat to libraries. He has just started a new job outside of the military, as a civilian with the New Zealand police working in intelligence, which is what he used to do in the army. Elaine recounts the story of when they first arrived.

The wearing of smocks continued in libraries through the s as they protected clothing when undertaking the less than glamorous roles of checking and dusting library shelves. The family have quickly settled into their new life and are enjoying the novelty of being together permanently. She and the boys came a week ahead of Terry. For various reasons it took them ten attempts before they were successful, but they know the system really well now and are happy with the house they finally got.

It was a time for them to settle in one place together and enjoy a pace of life not afforded to them before. Travelers arriving in New Zealand could now face fines if they refuse to allow their devices to be searched by border officials.