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For the first

The armistice lines were sealed as Jordanian snipers would perch on the walls of the Old City and shoot at Israelis across the lines. There were limits on the numbers of Christian pilgrims permitted into the Old City and Bethlehem during Christmas and Easter. The Western Wall became a slum area.

Christian charities and religious institutions were prohibited from buying real estate in Jerusalem. Korea has remained divided ever since. These ranged from small town barbers, photographic studios and salesmen, to large department stores and firms such as Suzuki and Mitsubishi becoming involved in the sugar trade. Retreating Republican forces retaliated by killing between and Japanese prisoners they were holding.

Also concerned were members of the Indonesian communist underground who followed the Soviet Union's popular united front against fascism. In the National Revolution that followed, tens, even hundreds, of thousands, would die in fighting against the Japanese, Allied forces, and other Indonesians, before Independence was achieved. After four months of post-war internment, Western internees were released on the condition they left Indonesia.

For the first ten years Japan ruled directly through the military, and any Korean dissent was ruthlessly crushed. American restraint from fighting their way into Java certainly saved many Japanese, Javanese, Dutch and American lives.

On the one hand, Japanese colonialism was often quite harsh. However Indonesian forces would spend the next four years fighting the Dutch for independence. Such uneven and distorted development left a mixed legacy for the peninsula after the colonial period ended.

But the wartime mobilization of had reintroduced harsh measures to Japanese colonial rule, as Koreans were forced to work in Japanese factories and were sent as soldiers to the front. At the same time, they were not allowed to teach Christian religious material to non-Christians.

American restraint from fighting