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Only Call Us Faithful by Marie Jakober download in pdf, ePub, iPad

She never married, and at her father's death, she gave all of her family's slaves their freedom. Using many primary information sources, Marie Jakober has painted a true and vivid portrait of one of the Civil War's most unusual heroes. An Uncommon hero, her true role has never been fully revealed until now.

Eventually Elizabeth finds herself under constant

But as the war wears on, the danger of being caught grows with each bit of information passed along, with her every secret act of patriotism. Fascinating and well plotted, with lively characters, good momentum, and suspense throughout. The Confederate Army has its suspicions, though they can't ever seem to catch her in the act.

Behind a mask of mental frailty and innocence, she has secretly organized and is operating a hugely successful spy ring out of Richmond. Also dedicated to easing the plight of Union Army prisoners of war incarcerated in Richmond prisons, Miss Van Lew risked life and limb to bring prisoners food and medicine. There was a problem adding your email address.

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But the Rebels don't trust her, and with good reason. But the Rebels don't rust her, and with good reason. In an unremarkable house on Church Street, Elizabeth Van Lew, a spinster thought to be unconventional, was the center of the Union Army's underground spy network.

Eventually, Elizabeth finds herself under constant surveillance by Confederate police. One of her greatest schemes is the construction of a tunnel under Libby Prison, allowing more than a dozen Union officers out in a single night.