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Pasquale's Angel by Paul McAuley download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Then the mystery turns to a thriller, as Pasquale finds himself in possession of a valuable secret and is hunted across the city by agents of different political factions. Lucky for me Savaronola is one of my favorite historical bad guys and that I love reading about Renaissance history. It is in short, an Alternate Florence.

Leonarda da Vinci, in this story known as The Great Engineer, has brought all of this about, for better or for worse. But this book is not just another rehash of novelized history. The setting and characters are used to good effect and the story is well-paced and exciting, making Pasquale's Angel an effective and entertaining alternative history mystery thriller.

Pasquale is an apprentice artist, working for Giovanni Rosso, but his life is turned upside down when Raphael comes to Florence as an emissary of the Pope. The background scenario is rapidly sketched in, with only a few passages of exposition, and only elaborated on as necessary. McAuley avoids the biggest pitfall of alternative history, which is having the setting overcome the story.

This helps sustain suspension of disbelief. It seems to me that the author relies a lot on reader knowledge of the period about which he's writing, so if you aren't up on your history, this may cause a problem.

Leonarda da VinciBut this book is not just