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Verhoeven's film Showgirls, about Vegas showgirls trying to overcome difficult life choices, was equally controversial and almost universally panned by critics and the public. His films may not have the warm-fuzzy images that make them easy to digest. Wells classic of moral deterioration that occurs after experimenting with human invisibility. Kevin Bacon starred in the remake of the H. The ninth-highest-grossing film of the year, the movie was a return to themes Verhoeven had explored in Turkish Delight and The Fourth Man.

This film would be Verhoeven's last Dutch film production until the film Black Book. Some of those titles were produced with other directors at the helm, such as The Paperboy. Verhoeven's film Katie Tippel again featured Hauer and van de Ven, but it would not match the success of Turkish Delight. When he left the Navy, Verhoeven took his skills to Dutch television. Verhoeven spiced his suspense levels with the psycho-sexual thriller The Fourth Man about a bisexual writer, overwhelmed by his attraction to a beautiful hairdresser.

Verhoeven was a fan of the Dutch comic Dick Bos nl. His first major success was the Floris television series, starring Rutger Hauer. Though a critical flop, Troopers was lauded for its groundbreaking special effects, showcasing amazing gigantic bugs and their battle scenes with human soldiers sent to obliterate them.

Verhoeven's film Showgirls about

Verhoeven graduated with a doctorandus M. It shows Verhoeven's first real leanings toward a reoccurring theme of erotic obsession. The character Dick Bos is a private detective who fights crime using jujutsu. His family lived in the village of Slikkerveer. The film's most notorious scene shows Sharon Stone's character in a police interrogation, where she uncrosses her legs, briefly revealing her vulva she does not wear underwear underneath her skirt.

The film Beast of Bataan had been announced, but once the shooting for Black Book resumed, the other film was not realized. Jezus van Nazaret about the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Verhoeven has not used his mathematics and physics degree, opting instead to invest his energies in a career in film. Since his return to European cinema in with Black Book, Verhoeven has been connected to a large number of projects, but for the moment none of them has come to fruition. After his studies he entered the Royal Dutch Navy as a conscript.