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Those vessels wereLiu was also very close

Those vessels were either imported from, or originated from Russia or Ukraine. Liu was also very close to Deng Xiaoping as his modernization efforts were very much in keeping with Deng's national policies. Main operating forces are organized into fleets, each with its own headquarters, a commander a Rear Admiral or Vice Admiral and a Political Commisar.

Any invader penetrating the destroyer and frigate protection would have been swarmed by almost fast-attack craft. Destroyers and frigates are named after cities.

Smaller anti-submarine ships are named for counties. This move was welcomed by the international community as the warships complement a multinational fleet already operating along the coast of Africa. Infantry landing ships are named for rivers. Kaplan has said that it was the collapse of the Soviet Union that allowed China to transfer resources from its army to its navy and other force projection assets.

Bi-lateral naval exercises were also carried out with exercises with the French, British, Australian, Canadian, Philippine, and United States navies. The navy was established in September by consolidating regional naval forces under Joint Staff Department command in Jiangyan now in Taizhou, Jiangsu.