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Francisco Pizarro grew up in Trujillo, Spain. In the English version of series, the character of Pizarro is voiced by Maurice Podbrey. The chiefs explained that the fierce tribes of Punians had attacked them and ransacked the place.

Balboa was executed and

Several of his men died and Pizarro had to turn back without discovering anything of value. Francisco Pizarro, born c. However, Pizarro set a trap for Atahualpa and took him prisoner. The Inca delivered the gold and silver, but Pizarro executed Atahualpa anyway. The Fight to Return to Peru Pizarro now wanted to mount a third expedition.

While trying to pull out his sword, he was stabbed in the throat, then fell to the floor where he was stabbed many times. Balboa was executed and Pizarro was rewarded for his loyalty to the governor. On meeting with Pizarro, the associates decided to continue sailing south on the recommendations of Ruiz's Indian interpreters. He was there joined by his brother Hernando and the remaining men in two vessels that would sail back to Panama. Soon Almagro sailed into the port laden with supplies and a reinforcement of at least eighty recruits who had arrived at Panama from Spain with an expeditionary spirit.

He came on as a substitute, but then missed one of the penalties in the shootout as Chelsea lost. He wanted to explore the land. Fearing an unsuccessful outcome, he rejected Almagro's application for continued resources. At this point Pizarro is reputed to have drawn a line on the ground with his sword, inviting those who desired wealth and glory to cross it.

Pizarro is well known in Peru as the leader of the Spanish conquest. He was also named the governor of the territory.

Killing the Inca Emperor Pizarro and his men set out to meet with Atahualpa. He would rule as governor for the next ten years. One of the grant conditions was that within six months, Pizarro should raise a sufficiently equipped force of men, of whom might be drawn from the colonies. Unfortunately for the conquistadores, the warlike spirit of the people they encountered seemed so defiant and dangerous in numbers that the Spanish decided not to enter the land. For my part, I go to the south.

Meanwhile the Inca had just fought a civil war between two brothers, Atahualpa and Huascar. The Spanish were successful.