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Play It Loud by Brad Tolinski download in pdf, ePub, iPad

As a result, Chandler soon moved Slade from Fontana to Polydor Records, believing a higher profile label would boost sales. We replaced Doc Martens with platform boots. It sold about ten thousand copies, something like that. The time you purchase is not prorated. The single was another commercial failure.

As a result

All three performances have never surfaced since broadcasting. For the album, much of the material was written by the band. When it came out, we hadn't had any hit records, or any success, and it sold a few. Once you purchase your admission passes they can not be refunded or credited.

We replaced Doc Martens with platform

He decided that the band should project a skinhead image in the effort to generate interest in the band. All sales are final and non refundable. All adults are charged for entry. However, it too was a commercial failure, as was its parent album, Play It Loud, when it was released in November.