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Navy personnel review these reports, decide which ones are retrievable and then notify families if they are able to identify the veterans. Project Recover doesn't actually touch the wrecks, Moline said. The sound waves bounce back at different strengths and frequencies, depending on what kind of material they collide with, Moline said. Once the robots map out a promising location, the team sends in divers with handheld sonar devices to conduct a more thorough search of the area.

Navy personnel review

Original article on Live Science. The autonomous robots can skim along the bottom and produce higher-resolution images than if they were being towed through the open water, behind a boat. One of the soldiers made it out, but the aircraft went down with two men still inside, the researchers said. The two groups joined forces in and created Project Recover.

Project Recover doesn't actually touch the

On one of these treks, they encountered Patrick Scannon, the founder of the nonprofit group BentProp.

Following the discovery, the researchers submitted reports for both recovered vessels to the U. Since the early s, Scannon and a group of volunteers have been slowly filling in ocean floor maps based on data they collect from dives.