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Feeling then becomes cold, material, untrustworthy. His sense for objective facts is extraordinarily developed. Another life still pulses at the periphery, where the truth of the formula can be sensed as an estimable adjunct to the rest. These persons usually avoid notice and may seem cold, arrogant and taciturn. Thus it gives one the impression of a certain lack of freedom, of occasional short-sightedness, in spite of every kind of adroitness within the objectively circumscribed area.

But actually it is not so. Unconscious thought reaches the surface in the form of irruptions, often of an obsessing nature, the general character of which is always negative and depreciatory. In most cases, however, it does not go so far, because the individual instinctively allows himself some preventive extenuations of his formula, worded, of course, in a suitable and reasonable way. Intuitive perception ignores the details and focuses instead upon the general context or atmosphere.

This reveals itself in the fact that unconscious ideas centre round just the most valued objects, which are thus pitilessly stripped of their value. In this event it is relatively unimportant, and also lacks the character of a positive vital activity. We have already spoken of its thinking. It might almost seem, although it, is by no means the case, that this rigid determination by objective factors would involve an altogether ideal and complete adaptation to general conditions of life.

But actually it is

Ordinary events are seen as providing a cipher or set of clues from which underlying processes and hidden potentialities can be determined. Generally people of this type appear caught up in their own ideas which they aim to think through as fully and deeply as possible.

Unconscious thought reaches the surface in

Thus, in the manner of the circulus vitiosus, the situation goes from bad to worse. In extreme psychotic cases, this may result in an inability to distinguish illusion from reality. Thinking is never carried out for its own sake, merely as some private, subjective enterprise. So far as the practical thinking of the merchant, the engineer, or the natural science pioneer is concerned, the objective direction is at once manifest. It is ruthlessly violated and essentially ignored, since now its sole use is to stimulate sensation.

Extraverted action is recognizably related to objective conditions. His actions, therefore, are also governed by the influence of persons and things.