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Pulses, Sugar and Tuber Crops by Chittaranjan Kole download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Seven crop specific chapters are

Grain legumes or pulses are excellent sources of protein and B vitamins in addition to carbohydrate. They include starchy staple crops that are of increasing importance for global food security and relief of poverty, important millennium goals for the United Nations. Outstanding scientists for each crop species are proposed as senior authors, who may invite co-authors to contribute part of a chapter. The book should be of interest to researchers in both academic and industrial settings, and in both developed and developing countries, as well as students and teachers of plant breeding. Phaseolus angularis Broad bean, faba bean, fava bean, bell bean, field bean Vicia faba large-seeded broadbeans, windsorbeans- V.

The other major staples are cassava, sweetpotato and yam. Seven crop specific chapters are proposed, together with an introduction to this diverse set of plant species. This definition, however, is presumed based on the main uses of the crop in consideration of world statistics. Crops that are harvested green for forage and for vegetables are excluded, as well as those grown for grazing or green manure.

The other major staples are

These seeds are harvested mature and marketed dry to be used as food or feed or processed into various products. Being legumes, these plants have the advantage of fixing atmospheric nitrogen for their own needs and for soil enrichment, thereby reducing the cost of fertilizer inputs in crop farming.

It does not necessarily declassify the soybean and other leguminous crops as pulse crops in certain countries.