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In other words, a particular teacher attribute e. Answers to these questions have potentially important implications for the efficiency and equity of public education. Krueger argues that this approach weights the various studies by the number of different estimates of the effect of a particular variable they include. Teacher Training Back cover copy How teachers may be better educated for a changing global world is a challenge that faces many systems of education worldwide.

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Initial teacher education curriculum and assessment of graduates in Australia. Further, they contend that lower achieving students are the most likely to benefit from increases in teacher effectiveness. Teacher education, students with diverse needs and social-emotional education.

Implications for a Confucian pedagogy. The single largest category of educational spending is devoted to the purchase of teacher time. Voices of Canadian Deans of Education presents a rich sampling of diverse perspectives on the topic in a unique collection of reflections contributed by Canadian deans of education. Hanushek estimates that the difference between having a good teacher and having a bad teacher can exceed one grade-level equivalent in annual achievement growth. Wiseman, Angela Wiseman and Scott R.

The promise of important insights these voices can share is fulfilled within every one of the compelling chapters. The research suggests that investing in teachers can make a difference in student achievement.

They show strong, systematic differences in expected achievement gains related to different teachers using a variance-components model. Why resilience counts most in testing times. Different modes of field experience in teacher education programmes. See if you have enough points for this item. In comparison, class size, teacher education, and teacher experience play a small role.

This may partially be a reflection of the cognitive ability of the teacher. Issues of managing change in teacher education. Likewise, Hess argues for the deregulation of teacher preparation.

In addition, this approach pays close attention to a number of contextual factors e. These costs could be managed by targeting specific areas of need where teacher shortages are most pronounced, such as particular subject areas e. Clearly, the context of teaching is important and may affect the impact of the teacher attributes considered in this analysis. Status, issues and prospects.

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