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Thieves operating in cars can be discouraged if their potential escape routes are restricted. Vehicles are safer in a garage, more at risk in a driveway, and much more at risk on the street.

When the order is given, they will gladly follow. Such was the case recently. What are the typical vehicle traffic patterns in the area e. Research has demonstrated the positive effects of improved street lighting in reducing criminal activity.

In addition they set upThis approach involves a voluntary agreement

Insurance companies bear much of the cost of thefts, and they may assist police at a local level by providing financial resources and reporting insurance fraud. The most effective techniques that have reduced car theft over the last three decades have been car security systems installed by manufacturers.

This approach involves a voluntary agreement between the police and citizens who permit the police to stop their cars without cause if it is seen in operation during certain late-night hours. In addition, they set up programs of educational and cultural exchange between members of the civilian and law enforcement communities of the city, and with the youth of the reservation.