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Radicals and Reactionaries in Twentieth-Century International Thought by Ian Hall download in pdf, ePub, iPad

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In so doing it works to highlight the sheer variety and depth the discipline has to offer. The often tacit and normalised assumptions of mainstream theories can obscure the ideas of unconventional thinkers who have also shaped international thought. Come the close of the Cold War, Robert Keohane and Joseph Nye could write of interdependence as if it were a new phenomenon. The chapter further makes apparent the limited understanding of British and American realist thought vis-a-vis German theories and German fascism. Both radicals and reactionaries in the book contend with notions of western domination and American hegemony.

Nevertheless, by theorising how global integration had in fact given impetus to nationalism and vice versa, Riezler is a timely addition to the book. Only by reading around nine chapters, however, can the full range of borrowed, hybridised and interdisciplinary ideas be fully considered. What is shown through the work of a sample of British radicals throughout the war periods is that realist ideas were well known and deep-rooted, albeit perceived largely with abhorrence. As such, the chapter converses around the fact that realism and idealism were far from consolidated in the previous century. Despite being written a century ago, the book draws stark parallels in describing the present context of integration and fragmentation and the many global disjunctures.

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Radical and reactionary thinkers from France, Germany and Italy, as well as beyond Europe, in India and Japan are discussed with curiosity and intellectual rigour. The chapters by Leonie Holthaus and Andreas Osiander are discussed from the radical and reactionary tradition respectively. Such awareness of these cultural and historical sensitivities of the twentieth century lends valuably to the globalised present.