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So was habe ich noch nie gesehen. Sicherlich ist dies nur ein erster Eindruck und nicht umfassend. It's just that companies that don't have something else obviously special about them need that to get past our bar.

The product demo was still a work-in-progress, and we only had one other advisor aka social proof point involved. Land a lead investor before going live. Thus, we are using this event as a catalyst to help close a near-term convertible note.

Let me give you a quick example using one of my advisory clients, a startup called Zerply. China baut eine moderne Welt Wenn mich etwas eindeutig beeindruckte, dann das chinesische Bauwesen. If interest in your startup is lackluster, then take the matter into your own hands, and go on an active hunting trip.

Traction was good but not outstanding. Manche Gassen sind ungemein dreckig und stinken elendig. Zum Essen gab es dann Tee, warmes Wasser oder Kokosmilch. Use AngelList as a resource for self-directed hunting.