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Ready To Build by Dona Rice download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Integrating with PhoneGap Build

Take advantage of the strengths of PhoneGap.

Take the pain out of developing mobile apps. Add team members and create roles within your PhoneGap Build projects. Use the Hydration feature to get faster debug and build cycles. It was really impressive and helped us get the app into the hands of the testers right away.

Maximize your productivity while minimizing production

Build great apps powered by open web standards. When your app is ready, just send a link. It also has some stats usually found in text editors and they include the current line and column. Get all the benefits of cross-platform development while building apps just the way you like.

Maximize your productivity while minimizing production time. Integrating with PhoneGap Build allowed us to offer a high-end, cost-effective product with Rapid Prototyping Features and, above all, cross-platform development capabilities. Cut down on development time by re-using your existing web dev skills, frameworks and tools.