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In Luganda the use of vernacular terms for orphans such as mulekwa and enfunzi are so rare that my year-old research assistant, whose fi rst language is Luganda, had never heard some of them. She lived with her uncle because both her parents had already passed away. Notermans C Fosterage and the politics of marriage and kinship in East Cameroon. People therefore end up leaving the projects because they see no benefit in them. In a study by Oleke et al.

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Africa in the Neoliberal World Order. He had even ranked which families tend to have the best food at their gatherings so he could make the rounds and get fed by charming his neighbours. Orphans are reared instead by relatives, who rarely receive material assistance from sources outside the family.

As a result, organizations realized they had to shift their focus from direct assistance for individual orphans to supporting families in their efforts to raise them. Even savings and loans groups can quickly become exclusion- ary. The Pennsylvania State University Press.

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This is seen, for example, in the ways in which families make decisions about how to allocate care-giving respon- sibilities for orphans after their parents have died. This describes the parameters within which orphans must operate so as to secure their needs. As a result, more and more orphans are res- iding with maternal clan members. Cross-Cultural Approaches to Adoption. He introduced me to them, and while I sat with them making bows, Malik continued to set up the band.

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He led me over to where two of his aunts were tying ribbons and attaching them to the floral arrangements. Singhal A and Howard W S eds. Living Rights, Social Justice, Translations. Cheney because of government graft.