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The odd time we had enough to get a grilled cheese or another treat off the menu, but that didn't happen often. The Woolworth staff immediately went to the aid of their comerades, providing first-aid and refreshments. The Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society store next door and the queue of people waiting for a tram in the street outside were caught in the inferno.

Trade was boosted by its tea bar which offered a wide range of hot drinks, snacks and light meals, all at affordable prices. After a moment's silence the walls bowed, and the building collapsed and exploded. Hitler was convinced that secret weapons could still turn the situation around. When my current husband and I were newly married, Woolworth's was still there, but shortly after the store became Woolco. We seldom got soda pop of any kind, so having a few cents to buy a Coke, as we called it, at Woolworth's was a lot of fun and a real treat.

The Woolworth staffThe odd time we had

Civilians had found shards of metal debris from the rockets up to three metres long and had become suspicious of the propaganda. Other stores in town had elevators, but the escalator was so much more fun. His offer was accepted and the two firms traded side-by-side until the Marks and Spencer store was rebuilt. And the st rocket was launched. The pile of saucepans near the back tills was going down.

For years it was a regular stop, though I seldom had the money to buy much. Today, I seldom go to Walmart. As it was cleared the full horror was evident.

Lest we forget New Cross By the Germans were losing the war. When they reached their preset target the engine cut out. The move evokes the spirit of the age, as rivals united against a common enemy. Hundreds of pilotless planes loaded with high explosive rained down on London and the South East.