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Eric Haas is

The mentor could provide verbal guidance as well as be able to draw on a touch screen with a stylus to create an overlay diagram that the operating surgeon trainee could see on his screen. In fact, we are well known for putting colostomy bags back together in patients who have received them form other institutions or hospitals following emergency procedures. They were also able to complete two cases of intercontinental mentoring without technical problems. The authors noted the advantage of the mobile robotic platform over fixed video feeds.

The Emory Robotic Surgery Program continuously tracks and reports outcomes, allowing our team to routinely re-evaluate techniques and protocols, always striving for the absolute best in patient care. Blood loss was more in the open group.

Many of our patients who come to us for surgery are very concerned that they will need a colostomy or ileostomy bag also known as an ostomy or stoma. Eric Haas is one of the pioneers of minimally invasive robotic surgery in the United States. Robotic surgery was developed to overcome many of the limitations of laparoscopic surgery. Robotic-Assisted Total Mesorectal Excision As experience with the robot has improved, its role has become more refined in colorectal surgery.

During our consultation we will meet and discuss the possible risks of the procedure depending on the specific type of surgery you are having as well as your medical history. The da Vinci Xi has helped our surgeons to perform minimally invasive, complex surgeries with greater ease and accuracy and allows patients to experience less pain and faster recovery times.

Many of our patients who come

The two groups were well-matched on preoperative parameters. Almost any colon and rectal surgery that can be done as a conventional open surgical procedure can be accomplished robotically.

Even if you have had prior open surgery, we are almost always able to complete your surgery safely and effectively with robotic or laparoscopic surgery. Six patients developed recurrence at month follow-up, two patients had combined distal and local recurrence and four patients had distal recurrence only. More advanced robotic resections, particularly of low rectal lesions, did not become commonplace until more recently.