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Ute Indians seem to hunt buffalo in this scene, which will be my last for Sego Canyon. Possibly he belonged to such a cult.

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It is a decision you will never regret.

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And there is a Big Horn sheep. The tiny figure on the left looks more like a deer to me.

This Ute rock art featured what is thought to be a shield. The Fremont era had its own strange figures, but these were loaded down with jewelry. Now add in the fact that they are several thousand years old.

Peggy watches as I work my way up closer to the petroglyphs. The odds are, however, that you will miss the small road that extends north of the Arches turnoff heading toward the town of Thompson Springs. Most of it is located on the two rock faces below. Our van sits in Sego Canon as Peggy and I wander around looking for rock art. There is also another hand and another sheep, a fat fellow.

Most of the rock art at Sego Canyon is found on the two faces of this large rock. It looks a bit like a foot walking in the circle. This is another rock face that Peggy and I checked for petroglyphs in Sego Canyon. Or possibly he was a very powerful shaman. Most of the rock art they left behind is in petroglyph form, pecked into rather than painted on the rock.