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They should be getting there eyes open in a couple more days. Denny competes in sleding competition with those two beauties.

Of course Carol immediately took to him and he is now rotten to the core. Saint Lazar is blessed with the best owners on Planet Earth. Leigh and Ed are great folks, and although I don't see them often, I count them as the very best of friends.

Thank you folks for giving Amber a super good home in France. Ruble seems to be on a one year heat cycle, so we continue to pray for patience for us, and for those on the waiting list. Serena slept next to Gene every night, and of course he is devastated with her passing. That is exactly how they find you. For several decades Saint Lazar's pups have been very consistent in size, as well as the consistent reputation for excellent temperaments and health.

However they are loved and greatly appreciated. Today for our shoot, in fact, she helped us and was involved, and she enjoys it.

Keeping my family and friends safe, and I hope my team succeeds with me. It's easy to see how perfectly their markings are. She spent her retirement years with our great friends, Gene and Debbie Caron.

The purpose was to scatter the remains of Serena at Wanda's grave. No one exceeds Saint Lazar consistently superior Manchester Terriers. Except at the beginning, our good friend, Sonja Long has presented Rubel in the show ring way better than I ever could. They loved him so much, that they got another boy pictured below.