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As a result, modelers identify the important dimensionless quantities and construct a scale model that satisfies these. This leaves the modeler with only the Reynolds number to worry about in terms of equating its values for the scale model and the prototype. Professionally, building models are used by architects and salesmen. This model is used to give tours of this highly sensitive and high-security facility. Important dimensionless quantities are called first-order dimensional requirements.

An example of this from fluid dynamics is flow of a liquid in a horizontal pipe. For this flow configuration, however, no surface tension is involved, so the Weber number is inappropriate. The most popular types of aircraft to model are commercial airliners and military aircraft. Standard scales have not emerged in this hobby.

Finally, for scale models that fail to satisfy one or more of the first-order requirements, the name distorted model is given. As the water flows through the pipe, vortexes are created which allow waste materials and trash to be collected at the bottom. Collectors are concerned purely with the issue of theme, and are not really interested in personal construction as such.

Some kits take many hours to put together and some kits are almost ready to fly or ready to fly. Aircraft modelers often fall into more than one category, as fancy takes them. Four years later researchers at Douglas Aircraft published a paper on a three dimensional model based on an aircraft fuselage.

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